Erica Fontes virtual Beach at Night girl

  • Country : Portugal
  • City : Lisbon
  • Type : European
  • Hair : Fair
  • Age : 22
  • Height : 5.58 ft
  • Weight : 110 lbs
  • Bust : 32 Inch
  • Waist : 24 Inch
  • Hips : 34 Inch
  • Beach at Night

Erica Fontes is a hot bundle of energy and she knows how to let loose and have fun. Erica has a carefree attitude and she lives life to the fullest. She is always up for an adventure and she freely admits that many of her best adventures have happened while she was naked! Erica has big boobs and loves high heels and if you want to know where she is pierced and tattooed you'll have to download one of her full stage shows.